2019 Honda AC-X Review, Price

Honda AC-X was first introduced at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Although much expected from this model, AC-X has not attracted much attention from potential customers. So, this model did not bring success nor the optimization it was striving for. The specifications and performance of this vehicle at that time were not enough to satisfy the wishes and needs of those customers. However, a few years later, more specifically in 2018, Honda decided to present the latest model 2019 Honda AC-X to the public around the world.

What is safe, you can expect a more luxurious and modern look from the new model. While designing the new model, Honda had a futuristic approach, which means that many of the solutions and alternatives that have been implemented in the new Honda Accord X 2017 will impress you. You can expect the new model at the end of 2018 or at the beginning of the next, when it will be presented to a wider audience.

2019 Honda AC-X - front

2019 Honda AC-X – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

As we have already mentioned, the Honda AC-X has in some way experienced a fiasco. Namely, when Honda did not achieve the success that was expected, Honda has not prepared this model for the market for several years. They focused more on models such as Ridgeline, CR-V, Pilot, which achieved incredible sales results year after year. Given that the company has always wanted to market a model like Honda AC-X on the market, this time it decided to take risks.

With several important changes, thanks to advanced technology, Honda decided to put a futuristic model on the market. It is assumed that the 2019 Honda AC-X will have a revolutionary concept. Now it’s quite certain that the latest Honda model under the name of the 2019 Honda AC-X will mark the new generation of this company. Unlike the previous model, the design of the latest model looks great. The model follows the latest trends, will have many innovations that will primarily attract the attention of the younger population.

The 2019 Honda AC-X will have a redesigned hood appearance along with the front bumper. The rear of the vehicle will be enriched with the latest LED lights. So, what we can say, the overall design of the newest model will be refurbished with a dual steering system that is very different from many modern cars. The new model will look very attractive and it is quite certain that it will attract a lot of attention when it appears on the road.


Given that the latest 2019 Honda AC-X will have an impressive interior design, it is quite logical that the interior of this model also offers luxury and comfort. Equal attention is devoted to the design of the cabin. When you enter the new model cabin, you will see how comfortable the atmosphere is. The seats are upholstered with the finest material. The seat provided for the driver is as comfortable as the passenger seat. White carbon is used in the interior of the vehicle. The news about this Honda AC-X 2019 is the presence of auto-pilot options. Therefore, drivers can choose between the drive mode and the automatic drive model.

2019 Honda AC-X - interior

2019 Honda AC-X – Powerful Engine and Performance

The latest 2019 Honda AC-X will offer two versions of the engine. All lining levels have a 1.6-liter four-cylinder drive. Most likely, this type of engine will generate 167 hp power with an internal combustion capacity.

The second version of the engine will work on electricity and will be able to reach a maximum speed of 62 mpg. This happens when the engine is fully charged. Both engine versions will have five and six transmission speeds. Fuel economy will be economical. The introduction of fuel per kilometer is reduced along with the rate of carbon dioxide emissions.

2019 Honda AC-X - rear

2019 Honda AC-X – Release Date and How Much Will Cost?

The latest 2019 AC-X will be presented at the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. The new 2019 Honda AC-X will have a higher price than its predecessors. With the addition of specs and engines, it is expected that the price will be around $ 40,000. The basic levels will cost between $37,000 and $39,000.

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