2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Specs, Price

New 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid will be at the top of all sales lists. In America, 2,414 copies were sold, from October 2013 to February 2014. The demand was so great in the next few years that the figure could be two or three times higher when it was the latest model. It is assumed that the demand for this model will be so great that there will be a waiting list. As was the case with the previous model.

The success of the Accord Hybrid is more important because Honda has launched a very poor start in this segment, with several models that have not provoked any interest from customers, such as Insight or CR-Z. Much before the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LA Ferrari was created, Honda Accord Hybrid was present on the streets.

It has never been a real superstar on the market, but it was still a hybrid model that provided exceptional performance on the road with a decent driving economy. Soon the latest 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid will be presented to the audience.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid - front

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid – Innovations in the Exterior and Interior and Safety Features

On this occasion, the designers bring changes to the Hybrid model through a bodywork where new types of front and rear lighting can be noticed, as well as redesigned bumpers. The changes are not great, but they bring a different look, making the Accord more attractive. The interior gets a lot of changes, while the most prominent novelty is the touch screen in the central console with a modern multimedia system.


Staying in 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid is pleasing thanks to high quality materials used in the cabin as well as extremely comfortable seats. Seats are also equipped with airbags that protect against side collisions. And active head restraints that can prevent door injuries if there is a rear impact. The driver’s seat in the vehicle is at the very least interesting because it is organized in such a way that it breaks up the habits of the arrangement of instruments on the control panel that the automotive industry has been serving us for decades.

Behind the steering wheel in the foreground there is a turntable and a set of control lights. While in the other plan, some 30 cm towards the windshield, the digital speed indicator located around which the remaining fuel quantity indicators. And the average fuel consumption / temperature of the coolant are located, depends on what you choose. The driver’s space resembles a cockpit in a combat plane. The angle at which the windshield is set is so sharp that you do not have to include towels in the rain on the highway.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid - interior

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid – Whole Power Unit

Significant changes come in a four-cylinder engine of 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC. Honda’s four-cylinder engine now receives an exhaust system that uses all the heat generated by the engine. And uses it to accelerate engine warm-up, accelerating the achievement of optimal temperature for smooth operation. The system of this kind is completely new and will be embedded in all other models of the company in the following period. The most striking impression that the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid gives while driving is comfort. It resembles a lot with the quality of models from the more luxurious classes.

Acceleration is not so much that the driver binds to the seat. But quite enough for daily buzzing in shorter ratios. Honda was guided by the philosophy that the driving economy is still in the first place. And only then the driving fun. The engine gets power from the battery lithium-ion unit. It is reduced by 33% for the model designed in 2018 without loss of performance. But with significant savings in the luggage compartment, while the total power of the combined system is 212 hp.

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid - rear

2019 Honda Accord Hybrid – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

New 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid remains perfect styling solutions, high efficiency and comfort. It is the right choice for all drivers who want a car that fulfills all their tasks impeccably. The 2019 Accord Hybrid will be presented to the audience at the end of the current year. The price of the Honda Accord Hybrid 2019 will range from $ 22,000 to $ 36,700. Models such as Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Altima will represent the biggest competition for the new model.

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