2019 Honda Accord Sedan Specs, Release Date

Honda Accord is positioned as one of the most popular models in the class immediately after its appearance. In addition to the elegant, sporty design, Accord combines all the elements of Honda’s advanced technology that maximize driving pleasure. The winner is the maximum five stars at the EuroNCAP car safety test and the prestigious Red dot design award and two years in a row Accord was named the best family car according to the results of the researched J.D. Power companies. Buyers also have the option of purchasing a car, based on the principle of replacing the used vehicle, regardless of the brand, for the new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan, with the most favorable supplementary terms including the option and various financing models.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - front

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Innovations in the Exterior and Interior

New 2019 Honda Accord Sedan very reliable car, high quality design, modern design. Honda is holding a tried-and-true recipe that has already been pioneering for generations of Accord. The last generation has a more economical engine compared to the previous ones, while the performance has improved. The interior is futuristic and functional. The style of the car will require the owner to adjust to the “Honda style” if he wants to fully enjoy this cruiser (higher revs).


The interior of the new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan is enriched with high quality materials. The selected goat fits perfectly into the interior of the new model Accord Sedan 2019. The new model’s seats are very elegant and comfortable. In addition, the inner construction is carefully designed to reduce vibration. The new Accord combines state-of-the-art technology with luxury and comfort in a magnificent design. It is this balance between looks, performance, technology and safety. It allows you to experience advanced driving experience, was the main principle that Honda engineers were guided during the process of creating a new Accord.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - interior

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Main Power Production Unit

Behind the recognizable stylistic expression of the new generation is a brand-new car of advanced technology solutions and sporting performance. Aggressively sharp front, Honda’s latest trump card clearly shows that it wants to be the best, and for the achievement of this target. Also, it has three advanced new engines with the lowest emissions of harmful gases in the class. The second-generation 2.2-liter diesel engine was built on the basis of an extremely high-quality and award-winning i-CTDi engine.

Its advanced technology and compatibility put it firmly in the first-place diesel achievements and offer the strongest combination of dynamic performance and environmental responsibility in the market. Benzine engines have greater power in the new 2019 Honda Accord Sedan than its predecessor. And like the diesel engine, are designed to meet the most stringent standards for emissions of harmful gases. Also, the 2.0-liter and 156 hp engine achieves a maximum speed of 215 km / h with an average fuel consumption of 7.2-liters. The central location is still reserved for the 2.4 i-VTEC engine. Now it develops 148 kW / 201 hp at a high 7,000 rpm, with 234 Nm of torque.

In addition,  this engine has undergone significant changes, which result in reduced fuel consumption. All models are equipped with 6-speed manual gearboxes, in combination with SIL signaling the choice of optimal transmission. Honda tests have shown that the driver who follows his instructions (up and down signal) can achieve up to 5% lower consumption. With a 2.4-liter petrol engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission can be installed.

2019 Honda Accord Sedan - rear

2019 Honda Accord Sedan – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

In conclusion, the new Honda Accord Sedan will be available in the second half of 2018. Finally, the price of the 2019 Honda Accord Sedan is still unknown.

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