2019 Honda Accord Type S Features, Price

The new 2019 Honda Accord Type S coming soon. During the 90s, Accord changed its face twice. Both times are not too exuberant to the taste of European customers. The American design of the design took a tremendous attraction and sport dynamics that the Europeans of Honda wanted and expected. And then, somehow with the beginning of the new millennium, a new wind blew up, and again, successful and attractive models returned to Horde’s roots.

One of them, of course, is the new generation of Accord, which due to its dynamic, sporty and aggressive looks, but also family values, is often a participant on our roads. In the tested version of the 2019 Honda Accord Type S, the Accord successfully combines a touch of luxury and sophistication with sports genes. Accord is not a sports car, on the contrary it is a family or business limousine. The Type S label is an indication of the equipment that has been overused.

2019 Honda Accord Type S - front

2019 Honda Accord Type S – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage and Safety Features

The abundance of chrome around the side windows, engine masks, retro-designed door handles, direction indicators placed in the exterior mirrors and Xenon light give it a sophistication, while on the other side accentuated aggressive silhouette, front and rear spoilers, side sleepers and two exhaust pipes give it its nature. One detail since the launch in 2003 is not something we are looking forward to. Namely, although theĀ 2019 Accord Type S is lined with 17-inch alloy wheels. It still visually continues to operate too small and is still pulled under the mudguards. But in the drive, it is shown as an optimal solution.

Multifaceted front and rear lights are not massive and act very sporty, and the lines from the bonnet end on the front headlights, while the pentagonal chrome radiator grille acts as a whole for itself. With this front end, the Accord works well and reliably, and even say it calmly, while the emphasis on what is underneath the hood is indicated by the back end – the red number in the Type S and two exhaust pipes will probably increase the adrenaline not only for the driver but also drivers who are behind the 2019 Honda Accord Type S.


The aggressiveness of the exterior design is also transmitted to the interior of the 2019 Honda Accord Type S. Featured sports seats in combination of leather and fabric, hole leather covered steering wheel with controls of audio system and cruise control, central console in the so-called carbon look, let’s know that this is not just an ordinary limousine. Unfortunately, the same steering wheel is too large, the seats are in the back of the cut for large people. And the center console with all the compartments closed, it is empty.

As for the instruments themselves, they are large, transparent and at night illuminated with a pleasant orange-red light. However, the design could hardly be called attractive. It is also true for a large central display displaying the functions of audio devices and air conditioning. The supply of space at the highest level, both for front passengers, both for those behind and 460 l capacity. So, it is enough to transport a large number of things.

All passengers are also adequately protected with 6 airbags. Embedded materials are at the highest level. And we think so good that much more advanced European competitors could be embarrassed. Final processing is also absolutely impeccable. It is objectively expected from Honda.

2019 Honda Accord Type S - interior

2019 Honda Accord Type S – Engine Specifications

The new 2019 Honda Accord Type S launches a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with V-tec valve management system. This engine will have a power of 190 hp at 6800 rpm and a maximum torque of 223 Nm at 4500 rpm. Until a couple of years ago, this engine was characterized by extremely sporty. But nowadays, when some diesel models of the same volume develop 200 hp with a significantly higher moment, the situation is still somewhat different. Excellent performance on paper; acceleration to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds and a maximum of 235 km / h. They seem to be difficult to ride in the ride.

The power of this machine is transmitted over a 6-speed gearbox that delights in short and precise strokes. But slightly disappoints the transmission ratios. The advantage of this engine is its relatively low consumption, with more aggressive approach ranging from 10-13 liters. Also, it can be lowered to 8 liters on the open road at a slower pace, which for a car of nearly 200 hp represents a very good result.

2019 Honda Accord Type S - rear

2019 Honda Accord Type S – When Will Hit the Showrooms?

Honda Accord with its quality and reliability is a respectable competitor, and the Type S version also shows the sporty nature. Price 2019 Honda Accord Type S is $ 45,000. It is the correct amount, given what this vehicle can do for you. You can expect the latest Honda Accord Type S 2019 at the end of the current year.

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