2019 Honda Civic Hybrid Specs, Price

A new version of the 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid will soon be presented to the public around the world. Finally, the world’s most anticipated hot hatch model – Civic Hybrid. From the brand-new Hybrid, it is expected to shift the limits and standards in the class of high-performance hatchback models to the front-wheel drive. Civic Hybrid vehicles have gained immense popularity all over the world.

This vehicle won hearts and gained faithful fans. As it is speculated, the new model threatens to surpass all its predecessors. The new Honda Civic Hybrid 2019 will launch the most extreme high-performance aggregate, marking the beginning of a new era of performance in the Honda brand. What you can expect, when it comes to this 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid, find out in the text that follows.

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid - front

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The new 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid looks very aggressive and different from everything that accustomed to it. This unique model cannot go unnoticed. Simply, at first glance it is clear that this is a special car. On the street it attracts a lot of attention with its characteristic powerful appearance. This model simply leaves us breathless. The front is very aggressive, with a functional opening on the hood and extended fenders. At the back of the car there is an aerodynamic wing.

What is interesting is positioned so visually that it does not restrict the view through the internal mirror. The new 2019 Civic Hybrid is deliberate or accidental, has attracted tremendous attention to some unusual details. The sporty character of the model is visible at first glance. The aggressively designed aerodynamic body ensures stability at high speeds and high admission to the road. Almost flat under the car allows faster air flow. The Civic Hybrid is fitted with lightweight 19-inch wheels on which specially developed tires are mounted.


The interior is typically sporty with profiled tubs and a steering wheel of great dimensions. The instrument panel is completely digitized and shows, in addition to the standard parameters brake force, acceleration, turbo pressure, and there are also sport circuits, 0-100km / h and 0-400m. The 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid has got an upgraded steering system, improved front and rear suspension and numerous electronic systems to improve the driver’s atmosphere. The driver can adjust the behavior of the car according to your wishes.

On that occasion, the engine response becomes faster, the servo control becomes less pronounced. Customers whose standard 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid is not good enough can, at the same time, receive the new package of equipment, enriching this model with many luxurious details. Front and rear splitters are visible from outside, while parking sensors, rain sensor, Garmin navigation, 320 W audio CD system, dual zone climate and red ambient light placed inside the vehicle.

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid - interior

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid – Modifications in the Engine

The latest 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid is not a Honda’s debut in the field of hybrid cars. It’s about a new generation, powered by a 1.3-liter, four-cylinder petrol engine of 95 hp, which is paired with a 20 hp electric motor, a nickel-metal hydride battery and an automatic transmission. The Honda Civic Hybrid does not behave differently than the 1.6-liter petrol model. Likewise, when you comfortably seat the steering wheel, you will not be overwhelmed by the hybrid mechanism markings.

The integrated IMA (Honda Integrated Motor Assist) will only show how much intensity it helps to drive in the left-hand corner of the control devices. Unlike Prius, Civic cannot start without a petrol engine. He uses an electric motor as an electric generator and helps the internal combustion engine. Because of this performance is not exactly what you would say, the extras.

The Hybrid Civic will need nearly 13 seconds to a hundredth, and with the accelerator pedal the car will reach almost 190 km / h of maximum speed. In doing so, it delights the way the Honda Civic Hybrid behaves as a standard car – there are no power interruptions, two engines operate fully synchronized, and the electric motor generates even when it slows down.

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid - rear

2019 Honda Civic Hybrid – Expected Date of Arrival and Expected Price

The latest 2019 Honda Civic Hybrid will be presented to the audience at the end of the current year. The exact date when the new model will be premiere to the audience is still a secret. The starting price of the model will be around $ 30,000.

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