2019 Honda Civic Sedan Review, Price

In Honda Salons this year officially starts selling the new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan version of the new model. This 2019 Civic Sedan has been upgraded. In addition, its looks are more luxurious and modern than the previous generation. The brand-new Honda Civic Sedan, according to its performance and rich equipment, belongs to the segment between the Accord and Civic Hatchback models. The performance of this model has been significantly improved, which has also contributed to the reduction of the mass of the vehicle.

The Japanese are specific when designing their vehicles. That’s why you are recognizable in the world. Always special and without competition. The new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan brings with it a great number of innovations both in electronics and in mechanics. Honda has always been a special brand and widely known for its aesthetics. The Japanese are people with a highly expressive technical culture, and they have such an approach in car design. The trademark of Honda’s brand is the latest technical solutions and bold ideas that other manufacturers should not even think about. So, Honda is always delighted with its excellent ideas and incredible changes. And every time he moves the border …

2019 Honda Civic Sedan - front

2019 Honda Civic Sedan – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The four-door 2019 Civic Sedan fascinates the elegant line, continues to offer convenience and a high level of comfort, while making changes to its exterior, front grille and rear light group make it even more attractive. In the new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan, the most modern systems of passive and active safety were applied. The design of the chassis, which this time has a special design, will have the ability to steer kinetic energy in a collision with passengers. This system is the best passive safety system owned by Honda.

Active safety systems applied to the new Civic Sedan model, which are standard in all equipment packages are: VSA, “motion adaptive” EPS, active head restraints, 6 airbags and active belt tensioners, while CMBS and ACC systems are available in the highest set of equipment. In this 2019 Honda Civic Sedan, transparency, especially in the front, is significantly improved. It together contributes to the safety, comfort and manageability of the strongest side of this model.


The high-level comfort of the new model also contributes to the intelligent multi-information display (i-MID), an instrument panel with ergonomically arranged controls directed to the driver and front seats that are redesigned and now provide better driver support and provide more space for passengers. Although the new Honda Civic Sedan in 2019 is a much more advanced model than the previous one, even a class for itself, it’s important to note that this vehicle does not have a large service. So the current maintenance, as well as the price of original spare parts, is retained as in the previous model.

Due to its attractive design and sports line, this model finds its target group among the younger population. But due to its practicality, it is also recognized as a family car. In its character, convenience, but also the confrontation that delivers, and when it comes to price, this model should firmly take the place in the segment between the Civic Hatchback and Accord, as an ideal company car.

2019 Honda Civic Sedan - interior

2019 Honda Civic Sedan – Powerful Engine and Performance

To begin with, the car will be available only with petrol engines, while diesel engines are expected sometime later. These are brand new engines that are designed to meet stricter exhaust emissions criteria. But also to satisfy the flawless performance of customers in terms of performance and driving characteristics.

The basic offer is a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with a displacement of a thousand cubic meters with 129 hp. This engine comes as a replacement for the current 1.4-liter atmospheric, from which it is not only more powerful. But also more comfortable driving.

The second aggregate, the more powerful 1.5-liter turbo gasoline, has four cylinders and 182 hp. Both engines feature a number of technical improvements, including low inertia turbine, variable-capacity oil pump and special oil injection molding pistons. Both versions are standard with six-speed manual transmission and CVT.

2019 Honda Civic Sedan - rear

2019 Honda Civic Sedan – When can it be seen on the road?

The new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan will be presented to the audience in the middle of the current year. The price of the new model will be around $ 27,400.

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