2019 Honda Clarity FCV Specs, Price

The new 2019 Honda Clarity FCV, which will be available in the Japanese market from the beginning of 2018, will attract great attention from potential customers. Initially, the car will not be available for sale, but will be part of the promotional activity that will precede the commercialization of this type of vehicle. Honda has uncovered the concept of a completely new fuel-efficient fuel cell, the Honda FCV and the Honda Power Exporter Concept. The system consists of a device that serves for external power supply.

This concept enables the supply of alternating current from the FCV vehicle with a maximum output power of 9 kW. The new model, powered by hydrogen fuel cells that generate the electricity needed to run this car, is part of Honda’s Revolution Driving Strategy with Alternative Drive Systems. The strategy predicts that two-thirds of cars leaving Honda’s factory in 2030 will be models that will, in one way or another, drive electric energy.

2019 Honda Clarity FCV - front

2019 Honda Clarity FCV – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

Future progress in Honda’s dynamic FCV style is that the concept will have a low, aerodynamic chassis with clean lines. The interior strives to achieve harmony between man and machine by utilizing the advantages of more efficient power packs that provide even larger passenger space than quadruple FCX Clarity. The new 2019 Honda Clarity FCV comes with a unique look and advanced design. The new 2019 Honda Clarity FCV comes with a LED screen in front. His rear was slightly raised from the front.

Also, the new model will have 16-inch wheels. This type of wheel will allow the new model to show its superior handling possibilities in rough terrain. The design perfectly complements the unique drive of this sedan and also has triangular rear lights. The new 2019 Honda Clarity FCV has been designed to perfection. It offers a significantly high degree of output and capacity. The 2019 Honda Clarity FCV will have a low center of gravity and an aerodynamically advanced design.

The next generation of FCV will be the world’s first FCV in the sedan version of the sedan with a complete system and drive, reducing it to fit in the engine compartment of the vehicle (under the hood). This arrangement allows the cabin to provide complete comfort for five adult passengers, and also allows the development of this vehicle in different models in the future, as even greater distribution and use of FCV vehicles will enable the customers to choose.

2019 Honda Clarity FCV - interior

2019 Honda Clarity FCV – Powerful Engine and Performance

For the drive, an electric motor with 174 hp (130 kW), which receives energy from hydrogen fuel cells, is used. The Japanese company says that the powertrain system can be compared with the 3.5-liter petrol V6 engine. Thanks to which it can easily be accommodated in the middle-class vehicle type. In addition, the cabin does not lose any useful space and remains spacious and comfortable.

However, the most important data for this type of vehicle is the autonomy of movement with one tank fill. Honda says Clarity has a radius of around 700 km, while according to the American EPA standard, which is more objective, the autonomy with a full tank is 589 km. To store hydrogen, a high-pressure tank of 70 MPa is used. And it takes about 3 minutes to fully charge it.

In addition, the Honda FCV concept also has the function of an external power supply system. Combined with an external power supply system, this FCV can function as a small mobile power plant that produces. And provides electricity to a household or more in the event of natural disasters or other unforeseen situations.

In an effort to make its contribution to the upcoming hydrogen energy company, Honda will continue to take on new challenges in the field of hydrogen technology. Also, including base stations for filling – Smart Hydrogen Station, FCV and external power devices.

2019 Honda Clarity FCV - rear

2019 Honda Clarity FCV – Price and Expected Release Date

The latest 2019 Honda Clarity FCV will be available in 2018. Pricing information is not yet official. It is assumed that the price will not be lower than $ 60,000. Cars like Land Cruiser and Suzuki IM-4 will be the biggest competitors.

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