2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition Specs, Price

There are those drivers that never meet the existing one, and none of the offered equipment packages are suitable for them. These car manufacturers “solve” in various ways, from accessories, to special “editions”. Honda also offered several “factory” accessories for its SUV, the latest generation of CR-V. But also left the opportunity for customers to further build their own packages, thereby expanding the factory offer.

The names themselves clearly indicate the purpose – Winter Sports, Fishing & Hunting, City Lights … Since recently, there is also another factory package called Black Edition. This “Black Edition” combines some of the add-ons from individual packages and comes in a very effective black pearl, with black colored 18 cols. After all, the black color has always been popular, and it’s not surprising why Honda chose it. The newest 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition will soon be presented to the public.

2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition - front

Let’s Check the 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition: Inside and Out

Out of the question, the black CR-V has several easily detectable “cosmetic” changes in relation to the models we most often see on the streets. There is a different, sports cooler mask, in black, instead of a chrome lattice that is standard supplied. In addition, the most visible detail is the side sills. It make it easier to climb into the cabin, above all in the rear. And at the same time protect the body from unwanted side contacts. For example with famous concrete pellets that are often encountered on the roads.

Part of the offer is also very discreet plastic front and rear bumpers, painted in black with high gloss. They are positioned so that you almost do not notice. There is also an equally discreet roof spoiler, actually a little “wing” that visually stays elegantly on the roof and partially covers the boot luggage. It incorporates a large stop-light in LED technology. It is supplied as standard within the factory package Urban. Additionally, it should be noted that body color comes in color.

The last item is the unavoidable bulkheads, which generally very often know how to refresh the car. In the case of the Black Edition version, customers are offered exclusively in sizes of 18. So, if you buy CR-V in Comfort or Elegance basic equipment, which offer 17-inch wheels, it is necessary to additionally charge for larger rings, which in the dimension of 18 cola, bear the name Taurus.


The interior also enriches the large panoramic roof. The luggage compartment is of very generous dimensions, we have already emphasized it several times earlier, with the option of electronic opening and closing of the five doors. The ergonomics are quite solid. But still there is a slight increase in the steering wheel’s amplitude. While the seats do not really have anything to complain about, not at the front. In the rear, the rear seats could be profiled, because they really work, both visually and in practice, as an upholstered school bench, not as uncomfortable as how rudimentary it is.

2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition - interior

2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition – Powerful Engine and Performance

The newest 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition will have a 2.0-liter literally i-VTEC gasoline engine with one camshaft from the new “R” series. It offers 5 horsepower more than diesel. But there is no comparison here, because this is a completely different engine, which, in our opinion, is no longer adequate for a car such as CR-V. The 155 hp is more than a 2.2-liter diesel, but it’s achieved at, typically, 6500 rpm in Honda.

The biggest culprit for this is a five-speed automatic transmission, which in two seconds increases the sprint time required from the site to 100 km / h. However, the advantage of gasoline in relation to diesel is in driving dynamics, because the smaller mass, especially ahead, is clearly felt, and the 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition is noticeably obedient in the curves. And it is especially lighter and faster in the case of sudden stopping, despite discs of a relatively small diameter.

2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition - rear

2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition – When can it be seen on the road?

The 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition is truly an attractive and tempting offer. You get a very comfortable SUV that is distinctly different from the others on the street. And besides all that, it is not necessary to buy it in some equipment. But the Honda Black Edition package is also available with the cheapest Comfort, starting at 22,500 euros. The 2019 Honda CR-V Black Edition will be available at the end of this year.

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