2019 Honda CR-Z Design, Release Date

Honda CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) is the latest step in implementing the Honda strategy to bring hybrid cars closer to as many customers as possible. Honda aims to create hybrids that suit the most diverse needs and lifestyles of people. It was created on the platform of the legendary CR-X model. This 2019 Honda CR-Z, besides ecological, characterizes both dynamic and sporting performance.

2019 Honda CR-Z - front

2019 Honda CR-Z – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The compact Honda CR-Z (Compact Renaissance Zero) is the first car in the world that combines sport ambitions, hybrid drive and manual gearboxes. Finally, Honda has created a hybrid car that is at the same time attractive. Both for drivers who prefer athletic driving pleasure. As well as for those who care about the environment, fuel consumption, and who want a high level of individuality. Marking the CR-Z model as a direct successor to the CR-X model, Honda first opposed, but the similarity of these two cars is greater than the name we are talking about.

Small, but lightweight coupe CR-X has become a legend of a whole generation of drivers and we all remember with joy. The model was built on the Civic model platform in 1983, as a compact car in length of 3.7 meters in the 2 + 2 configuration. The outer appearance of the CR-Z model is formed around the concept of one motion wedge with a low front part and a broad attitude that gives the car a self-confident, athletic look.

The recognizable features of Honda design, such as the third-door glass split into two surfaces and the aerodynamic, slightly curved roofline, were successfully combined with a sleek coupe design. For the first time since the Honda Civic, equipped with five-speed gearbox. The new CR-Z unites a conventional manual gearbox with a petrol-electric propulsion system. It is possible only because of the flexibility of Honda’s parallel hybrid IMA system.


The new 2019 Honda CR-Z offers a place for four passengers, although only the children can comfortably accommodate the rear seat. So they have more alibi than a practical effect. As far as the luggage is concerned, since it is a sports car. It has batteries placed underneath the back seats and part of the luggage compartment. Its 215 liters can be assessed as completely satisfactory. The back seats of the rear seats can be knocked down. It increases the volume of the luggage compartment to over 400 liters. Reliance offers an excellent compromise between comfort and good behavior on the road. Comfort is surprisingly good.

The interior is technically very advanced and is characterized by its futuristic design. Honda claims that the interior in the serial production will not be much different from the current photos. This was actually what Honda expected, which in previous models proved to be very interesting and advanced solutions. The dashboard is rich with various buttons, very well organized and better designed. On the left side of the steering wheel is the core of this car. It is the way you drive it. In fact, one of the three offered modes of operation of the hybrid system.

2019 Honda CR-Z - interior

2019 Honda CR-Z – Powerful Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the 2019 Honda CR-Z there are two versions of the engine. One, classical gasoline has a volume of 1.5-liters and a power of 122 hp and 174 Nm and another electric power of 13 hp and 79 Nm. Unlike the Prius, there is no option of driving on electricity or petrol and both engines are constantly on the move.

The concept of an electric motor in the Honda CR-Z 2019 is not to replace the petrol unit when the driving mode is not required, but it is there to assist the main engine. So,  that all the wishes of the driver are easier and more economical. The new 2019 CR-Z will have a compact and lightweight yet highly efficient hybrid system known as IMA.

2019 Honda CR-Z - rear

2019 Honda CR-Z – When can it be seen on the road?

This 2019 Honda CR-Z is suspected to have its starting price of around $25,000. It will increase more with different available trims, but that is not confirmed right now. This new 2019 Honda CR-Z is going to be revealed in the automobile markets in 2018.

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