2019 Honda Fit EV Design, Price

The new 2019 Honda Fit EV is a 100% electric car. The first advantage of such a car is reflected in the fact that you no longer need to pour a drop of gasoline. And the other is that you can breathe freely knowing that Fit EV does not have CO2 emissions.

In comparison to most lithium-ion batteries currently in use, Fit EV batteries are charging faster. In fact, this car has an incredible 6,6 kW charger that is able to charge the discharged battery in just 3 hours, and charging can be started or interrupted by using the remote control.

The Fit EV includes a J1772 compatible connector so that the driver can charge the car battery anywhere. For now, the production of this model is limited to 1100 copies, and only for the US market.

2019 Honda Fit EV - front

2019 Honda Fit EV – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The new feature added to the latest model is called LED blinks. Honda has implemented this function because it is noticeable that people get more attention from the brightness of the blink than the constant light.

The 2019 Honda Fit EV was built according to the C design concept. Its aerodynamics ensure the highest degree of speed and acceleration. There are several bumpers that have been redesigned and give a stronger and more beautiful look to the new model. It also has a wide front grille with the latest touch technology.


The latest 2019 Fit EV will come with some changes that will be noticeable. The new seats are designed by Honda itself. These seats are upholstered with the finest materials. Usually leather and soft cotton coatings were used. These seats provide incredible comfort, both to drivers and passengers. This vehicle will have a total of two rows of seats. These seats are mobile and allow for an interior space to increase, if necessary.

The inner surface of the new model is covered with aluminum sheets. These sheets will allow the heat to absorb. This will allow the car to be much colder. It has the effect of an automated environment that helps stabilize the atmosphere inside the car. In the center, there is a 8.9-inch LED screen. The driver can now drive this car and use a power steering. Floor mats are fitted with automatic moisture drying. This helps in absorbing water after washing.

The latest model owns Bluetooth. This voice command will be combined with safety functions such as towing controls and safety bags. In addition, it will have an Infotainment system with voice command technology. And finally, in the new model, you will also have 3 Dual Dolby Bass Booster speakers for fun.

2019 Honda Fit EV - interior

2019 Honda Fit EV – Powerful Engine and Performance

The Honda Fit EV 2019 will get a 1.4-liter i-DSI engine and a 1.5-liter VTEC engine. Both versions of the engine will be connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission. This version of the engine generates a power of 130 hp and a maximum torque of 100 lb-ft. So, the fuel economy of the new 2019 Honda Fit EV will be 34 mpg on highways and around 30 mpg on city roads.

2019 Honda Fit EV - rear

2019 Honda Fit EV – When Will Hit the Showrooms

The 2019 Honda Fit EV will be available in the end of 2018. The two models differ only by type of engine. One costs about $ 34,500 and another $ 30,000. This 2019 Honda Fit EV will be a brand new car on the market that will provide you with impeccable comfort and unforgettable driving, adventure with this vehicle is guaranteed.

Finally, Honda aims to deliver the best software and technology on the doorstep with the latest model. Also, the new vehicle will get an upgrade in terms of the engine. So, the model will have an upgraded hybrid variant with fantastic performance. If you want a vehicle that has amazingly beautiful design, good performance, spacious and comfortable cab, then the latest 2019 Honda Fit EV is the right choice for you.

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