2019 Honda Freed Design, Release Date

This new brand of Honda is called Freed and it is the same chassis with the Jazz, but it comes in the form of a minivan. This name was first introduced in 2008 when it moved the Mobilio series. Now the Freed model enters its new generation, is comprehensively modernized and adapted for 2018. Honda has officially started selling Honda’s new generation 2019 Honda Freed in Japan, which was announced a few months ago.

Hybrid cars, which combine petrol with an electric motor, are increasingly popular in many developed countries. The Japanese have not yet announced specific details of the new Freed, but they announce a spacious and flexible interior, reduced fuel consumption and greater safety compared to the previous generation. Also, this MPV vehicle will continue to be available in both the seven-seater version and hybrid drive versions.

2019 Honda Freed - front

2019 Honda Freed – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The 2019 Honda Freed uses LEDs. This type of LED consists of chlorine and neon gas. They also used phosphor gas in these LEDs. This contributes to 3% increase in light efficiency. They are presented in different forms. The rectangular is at the far end and the triangle in front. Its glass wall will be dark. It will also be made of fine chromium glass, which also heats up. There is about 4% of the light captured using this glass.

The rear part has different LED lights. These lights begin to blink automatically when the car reaches a distance of five meters. It also has a touch sensitivity that triggers an alarm when it touches someone unknown. The new 2019 Freed is similar in size to the Ford C-Mas model. It is also available in two variants and can accommodate up to seven passengers, which can be placed on its three rows of seats. This car comes in conventional or hybrid form.


Honda will offer three versions of interior design in the Japanese market. In particular, it is about five, seven and eight seats. In all three cases, the seats can be folded into the floor, and on both sides the car has sliding doors – an excellent solution in urban conditions. The interior is significantly enhanced by the flexibility of the elements, which creates a harmonious balance between expressiveness, functionality and precision on all contours and surfaces that define the interior.

Horizontal settings and instrument panel focused on the driver provide enhanced driving pleasure, and thanks to the all-element and soft-touch arrangement, it points to commitment to the details visible on the steering wheel, ventilation holes, instrument panel and audio system housing, with a new interface and tactile display. Great novelty is the possibility of individualization, and the choice is diverse and colorful, as well as life itself. The 2019 Honda Freed can be customized to almost any personal style with an extremely rich selection of colors and options packages.

In this way Ibiza will be able to look modest or extremely attractive, especially with some of the new colors in the offer. Airbags are also updated and a new version has been added. Child locks with electronic doors are also safety measures which are added in this car. The 2019 Honda Freed will be getting 4G internet connectivity with full time GPS control. Its GPS can be used to track cars and roads. It also has Infotainment system and audio control settings. Its space has been increased in the luggage section.

2019 Honda Freed - interior

2019 Honda Freed – Modifications in the Engine

The new Honda Freed 2019 will have a basic 1.5-liter engine. This version of the engine will be able to produce a power of 130 hp and a maximum torque of 180 lb-ft. This will start with seven speeds of 3500 RPM automatic transmission. CVT transmission can also be used. It will provide around 29 mpg in the city and 34 on the highways. In addition to full transmission, there is a six-speed gearbox.

2019 Honda Freed - rear

2019 Honda Freed – Price and Expected Release Date

You can drive this 2019 Honda Freed from the second half of 2018. The price of the 2019 Honda Freed will range from $ 35,500 to $ 46,000. This car will be available in all Honda’s stores around the world.

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