2019 Honda Insight Review, Price

The latest Honda model, the 2019 Honda Insight with hybrid drive is back on the scene. Honda is now returning to ecological paths since the first generation of Insight, in America, appeared in 1999. More than a decade later, we are able to drive her latest generation. Honda had already dealt with hybrid technology at the end of the ’90s. And, as a result, offered the world-wide Insight, a somewhat strange look, which, at that time, was truly a futurism.

However, in addition to models such as NSX, Integra, Civic and Accord, consumer attention was not directed to the Insight model. The outfit is extremely attractive and stylish, everything is in the right Honda manner, moderately aggressive with a solid dose of futurism. The interior itself is quite luxurious, and above all modern and rarely leaves indifferent. Instruments and switches are transparent and well-distributed.

2019 Honda Insight - front

2019 Honda Insight – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

Honda has already released the first photos of the new model. It is a sedan for five adults, positioned in the range above the current Civic. Visually, the new Insight is reminiscent of a slightly reduced Accord for the US market. For now it is not yet known whether the new model will appear in Europe, as the previous Insight did not have a big success on the market. Unlike the old generation, the new Insight is in the form of a sedan for five passengers. In addition to a different styling, it will also feature premium features and improved performance.

The new Honda Insight 2019 is a very good car. However, with some of its flaws, but it’s certainly the most logical hybrid choice of the current year. It’s much cheaper than the competitive Prius. The front of the new 2019 Insight is remarkably reminiscent of the front of the new Honda Civic, which is not at all bad. While the rear part of the design is sympathetically solved. And the long fall of the roof line somewhat resembles the modern sedan limousines. The interior is also brand new, and from Honda announce how premium materials will be used. The biggest changes relate primarily to different lights, mirrors, front bumper and wheels.


Unlike the old generation, the new 2019 Honda Insight is in the form of a sedan for five passengers, and in addition to a different styling. It will also feature premium features and improved performance. Among other things, these include leather seats, an 8.0-inch touch screen, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Wi-Fi, and numerous driver assistance systems. There are automatic braking systems, a system that alerts to the traffic lane, adaptive cruise control, a system for identifying traffic.

On the back bench, you will not find too much comfort, at least as far as headroom is concerned, since due to the characteristic shape of the roof, there is simply no place in height. This 2019 Honda Insight will have a redesigned air-conditioner, all in order to increase the economy, that is, reduce consumption. Transparency is not a stronger side, which has already become a systemic problem of this type of car, where almost everything is subordinate to aerodynamics. Massive A-pillars sometimes bend at changing directions. Parking sensors are imposed as a very smart investment.

2019 Honda Insight - interior

2019 Honda Insight – Modification under the Hood

In addition to the classic 1.3-liter gasoline engine and 88 hp lightweight. There’s also an electric power of 10 kW, powered by nickel-metal hydride batteries. And its primary task is to help the petrol engine. So, to help, not to drive the car independently, which is the basic difference in relation, say, to Toyota Prius. The petrol engine is always in operation and never goes out. The greatest benefits of an electric motor are felt at a low speed, when, for petrol, and especially for Honda, the torque is the smallest.

In order to function smoothly, CVT transmission, which is constantly adapted to the operating mode and maintains the optimal speed, is also concerned. There are also excellent steering wheels on the steering wheel to manually change the gear. The transmission actually simulates the seven fixed relationships, since it is a CVT free-of-charge transmission.

2019 Honda Insight - side

2019 Honda Insight – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

You can expect the latest 2019 Honda Insight in the middle of the current year. The price of the 2019 Honda Insight will be between $ 20,000 and $ 30,000.

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