2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition Specs, Price

The new 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition is a small-size city car with low fuel consumption. In addition, this model also has the widest interior in its class. It meets the needs of family people, as well as younger people who are interested in the attractiveness and authenticity of the car. A striking design and innovative technical and technological system, Honda’s main trump cards are also recognized on the world market, which positioned the brand as an alternative premium.

Reliability, convenience, comfort; economical, with retained sport driving performance, and a low emission of harmful gases. It’s just part of a line that defines Honda. The Jazz Black Edition, which in some ways defined the SUV segment, deserved special attention at the end of 2018.

And that’s just the premium edition – Black Edition. The most attractive package of equipment fits on the metallic black Jazz and includes a crystal black front mask. Also, a rear and front bumper, a roof spoiler, side sleepers and 18-inch alloy wheels all in black.

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition - front

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

With a length of 3900 mm, a width of 1695 mm and a height of 1525 mm, the 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition occupies a unique place between “supermini” and compact MPV, providing a simultaneous styling of the first and practicalities of others. The hat provided provides better visibility and the “magical rear seats” rotate one movement – by pressing downwards, the panes need to move the front seats. The practicality of the seat concept at Jazz is complemented by a flexible luggage compartment, based on similar principles as with Honda CR-V, whose volume with fallen rear seats is as much as 883 liters.

In other words, new Honda Jazz Black Edition 2019 remains the best in class, with the volume of the trunk far greater than that of all other competitors. For all this, a specific concept of Honda is credited – the reservoir, like the “grayscale”, is placed under the front seats. It allowed only a larger luggage space. But a specific empty space below the last “magical” seats and virtually flat floor. From the compact outside and spacious inside, the Honda Jazz fully meets the requirements of everyday city driving, but also longer journeys.

From the top 5 stars to the Euro NCAP safety test, the Honda Jazz has been ranked among the safest vehicles. The bulkheads are everywhere, and in particular we have to praise the fact that practical cup holders are located at the ends of the dashboard that can be used for other purposes as well. Also, it’s not a common case that a bottle can fit in the back door. And Honda has just made it possible.

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition - interior

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition – Great Powertrain and Fuel Economy

One of the engines to be found in this model will certainly be 1.3-liters of Earth Dreams VTEC. It should be equipped with 6-point manual or automatic CVT gearboxes. Honda plans to offer customers a hybrid engine version, but only later.

The new 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition can boast really low consumption and low maintenance. In particular, there are no gears, but a chain, whose control (not replacement) is predicted only 240 thousand kilometers. In the meantime, oil, filters, spark plugs and brakes are changed as needed.

The average consumption in city driving is 6.2 l / km, although the ride can be lowered to buyers by up to 5.1 l / km. Not in the open is a very different situation. At 130 km / h, the Jazz is “spinning” at a very decent 3.600 rpm since it has a five-speed gearbox and consumes about 6.4 l / 100 km. At 80 km / h it is at 2350 rpm and consumes about 3.7 l / 100 km. So, Jazz is a fairly economical car even on the highway, so it can easily be used for longer trips.

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition - rear

2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition – Expected Price

The new 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition is primarily a city car that offers plenty of space. A very variable trunk, excellent ergonomics, very good design quality, reliability, and a low maintenance cost. It keeps a good price, like the Civic. Honda’s image is very good in the world. So many people appreciate the quality of this Japanese brand.

Nevertheless, the 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition disappoints a bit when you drive it quickly on roads. There is no fundamental sound insulation. And there is no suspension adapted to bad roads. New 2019 Honda Jazz Black Edition is, however, far more transparent than Civic, it’s easier to scroll it. And it can be a very good choice for a beginner driver, primarily because of a very precise gearbox. The new 2019 Jazz Black Edition price will range from $ 36,700 to $ 38,460,

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