2019 Honda Legend Review, Price

The new 2019 Honda Legend is a car that combines performance, comfort, safety and athletic design. A five-meter sedan, an average of 15 centimeters longer than a competitor, and in its new generation comes with the same strategy as its predecessor: one motorized and rich equipment. When we add all-wheel drive to all, we realize that the European trio: Mercedes, Audi and BMW have a lot of reasons for taking care. The Honda has not only satisfied with cosmetic changes.

The exterior is fundamentally modified. New light groups, front wings, hood, boot lid and both bumpers. The look of the new 2019 Legend ranges from elegant to aggressive. This effect is complemented by new attractive 18-inch wheels, which make the car’s design closer to the new Accord. The Legend has a rather conservative exterior, but with an impression of high quality.

For many years now, nearly three decades, the 2019 Honda Legend has been a key to success for this Japanese manufacturer, who also celebrated the luxury Acura brand in the United States. However, under the name Legend, this model has not been sold to the US since 1996, when it was inherited by the slightly magical name RL.

2019 Honda Legend - front

2019 Honda Legend –¬† Appearance of Exterior and Interior

Already at the first encounter with the new 2019 Honda Legend we were enchanted by its sleek, yet at the same time dynamic silhouette. Extremely aerodynamic bodywork and low car height, of just 1,450 millimeters, give the Legend a coupé look. The car has great individuality, and clearly reflects the characteristics of its owner. In fact, with the new 2019 Legend, we notice a very interesting mix of conservative and attractive design, which only takes a second look.

Its sporty note is particularly nice, which is not overly represented in the design of the car of this class. But what is interesting about Legenda’s design is an atypical design for this brand. When the car is viewed from the profile, it is likely that a few people will first guess that it is about Honda. In any case, this model deserves a high grade for design. Legend is equipped with AFS Xenon front light group.

It is designed to improve the quality of light and visibility, which in any case managed to engineer Honda. When turning, the lights move up to 20 degrees through the sensor, which, depending on the position of the steering wheel and vehicle speed, adjust the angle. The last signaling group is in the expected LED technology, which manages to somewhat “break” the conservative image.


The interior is filled with a completely opposite spirit in relation to the outer appearance. The dashboard and doors are distinguished by stylish expressive lines, and the finish is aesthetically almost perfect. All the materials used are of high quality and soft to the touch, and trim in metal / wood combinations reminds of premium players from BMW or Lexus homes, although the overall impression is, however, a shade below the mentioned representatives.

The new 2019 Honda Legend has one of the most beautiful interior. Seats are ergonomically designed, with great adjustment options, and the quality of perforated skin is at a premium level. The instrument panel is enriched with maple details. Particular attention is drawn to the design and arrangement of the central console, where air conditioning, audio and navigation controls are located, with matched look-up switches, thus giving a modern look.

2019 Honda Legend - interior

2019 Honda Legend – Powerful Engine and Performance

The famous six-cylinder engine now measures 3.7-liters. The engine got new exhaust valves. The changes resulted in an increase in torque by 20%. It now stands at 366 Nm and increases power to 300 hp. The time it takes to sprint out of the city now is 7.1 s. And restyled Legend still keeps the Honda Super Handling All-Wheel Drive all-wheel drive.

The Legend Motor works very quietly and smoothly, is extremely cultivated, but we cannot expect too much from almost 2 tons of heavy car. Of course, in order to achieve maximum performance, the engine must be kept in high speeds. During a quiet ride in the city, the fuel consumption did not exceed 13-liters per 100 kilometers traveled. On the open road, Legend recorded a consumption of only 9.0-liters.

2019 Honda Legend - rear

2019 Honda Legend – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

With a price of $ 52,000, the Honda Legend 2019 offers really a lot. The new 2019 Honda Legend will be available in the middle of the current year.

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