2019 Honda Mobilio Design, Release Date

Honda undoubtedly belongs among the most sought after and most reliable cars around the world. Get acquainted with the history of this company that was created back in 1946. Honda, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of motor vehicles, was founded in 1946 as a motorcycle product. In 1963, the company was the leader in the world market for the production and sale of motorcycles. The motorcycles of this company, today also represent the most pre-existing models among motorcyclists, athletes as well as motor enthusiasts.

For a number of decades, the Japanese government has delayed the permission of Honda to start production of cars, which is due to the fact that Japan, after the end of the Second World War, was experiencing very difficult years, and that the country’s economic development depended on the planned industry. The government considered that, in addition to the vet of the existing companies, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi, the launch of car production in a company that is well known for the production of motorcycles could ruin state interests and planned economic development. However, in 1962, Honda entered the car market, its first small sedan, Model S.

Success of this model abroad, helped the company to continue producing cars, known for its economical price and safety. In the 1970s Honda “the car market is enriched by the two most famous models, the Honda Civic and” Honda Accord. Honda today dictated trends in the automotive industry, as well as for decades. Honda has chartered the development of hybrid cars, such as the Pilot and Ridgeline models.The Honda has satisfied the needs of the market for more attractive models for the young population with its models Fit, Mobilio and Airwave. In the text that follows, you will be able to find out some information related to the latest model 2019 Honda Mobilio.

2019 Honda Mobilio - front

2019 Honda Mobilio – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The new 2019 Honda Mobilio is the new Honda model that many will like, especially the younger population, which it is intended for. This vehicle is specially designed for the car market in Southeast Asia. The first Mobilio model was launched in 2001. This model will be designed and made in the long run. This means that the model 2019 will have many changes in the outer appearance and the interior.

Design 2019 Honda Mobilio is inherited from the previous version of the model. As for the outward appearance, there have been some changes in order to improve efficiency and performance. This 2019 Honda Mobilio should provide a safe and comfortable family ride. New cars will have a new and refined design. In addition, they will have different dimensions compared to the previous model. The grid was modified in the front panel. The headlights are also set up and include LED technology. The front bumpers have large air intake holes with a new fog lamp on both sides.


The design and layout of the new 2019 Honda Mobilio remains the same which is very similar to the previous model. However, there have been some minor changes, thanks to which the new model’s cabin will be more modern and more comfortable. In designing the cabin of the latest model, high quality upholstery materials are used on the seats and steering wheel. Top materials are embedded in covers and lamination on the control panel, central console, door panels and armrests. This 2019 Honda Mobilio has safety features like central locking, dual airbags, electronic brake assist and engine immobilizer.

2019 Honda Mobilio - interior

2019 Honda Mobilio – Main Power Production Unit

The new 2019 Honda Mobilio comes with two different engine options. The first version is a petrol engine of 1.5 liters, and the second version is a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine. This 1.5-liter gasoline engine produces 118 horsepower with a corresponding 107-piston torque. Another engine that is a 1.5-liter turbo diesel engine delivers an impressive 100 horsepower output at 150 torque. An automatic and all-wheel-drive manual transmission and front-wheel drive configuration will be available.

2019 Honda Mobilio - side

2019 Honda Mobilio – Price and Expected Release Date

The exact price of this model is still not known, as there is currently no official information. It is expected that the new 2017 Honda Mobilio will be released at the end of 2018.

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