2019 Honda NSX Type R Review, Price

The 2019 Honda NSX Type R coming soon. According to the latest information received by the Japanese professional media, Honda’s leaders are considering creating an even more extreme version of the supercar NSX. Writing Japanese automotive journals has confirmed in an interview for Motoring chief of Acura in North America. He says the point is to make an even more efficient car. And if someone wants a faster model than the current NSX, they will have to buy a real racing car. However, Honda officials in Japan are still silent.

If indeed the development of an even more efficient NSX with the Type R would really be, it would certainly not be cheap. To begin with, engineers should find ways to extract more than 600 horsepower from the current hybrid circuit. In addition to succeed in reducing the weight of the car, which is not an easy task. And in addition, NSX is not sold in large quantities.

In fact, the exact opposite. The sales dropped all expectations of the Japanese brand, especially in the US, where less than 600 copies were sold in 2017. In addition to the rumors of a more versatile Type R variant, it is also talked about a possible convertible version.

2019 Honda NSX Type R - front

2019 Honda NSX Type R – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The new 2019 Honda NSX Type R is a completely redesigned and re-engineered car. The result of the new design is a car of a unique character and sports spirit. A car that is exciting to drive and which is at the same time sophisticated, comfortable and sophisticated.

A brand-new suspension, lower center of gravity and increased body rigidity help the latest generation of the Honda model to deliver optimum driving dynamics. Driving comfort is at the highest level and is the result of a comprehensive development and focus on new technologies and techniques. In accordance with Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” philosophy, the Honda Sensing Passive and Active Security System has been implemented in all new equipment package packages.

The new Honda NSX Type R 2019 is a completely redesigned and re-engineered car. The tenth generation of this Honda model is even 130 mm longer, 30 mm wider and 20 mm lower than the previous model. The manufacturer claims that thanks to its lightweight mechanical platform. It has been able to reduce the mass of the vehicle with increasing stiffness and reducing rolling in. The boot volume remained at the same level as 478 liters in the basic configuration with upright rear seats.

2019 Honda NSX Type R - interior

2019 Honda NSX Type R – Powerful Engine and Performance

Model 2019 Honda NSX Type R, the technologically most advanced car from Honda’s vehicle. It is a true wonder of the technology created to give a whole new sporting experience. The super-car is launching a hybrid system with a 3.5-liter V6 turbo petrol engine with 507 hp. It is matched with a unique sports hybrid system with three power units. With a total power of 581 hp and a maximum torque of 686 Nm.

2019 Honda NSX Type R - side

2019 Honda NSX Type R – Price and Expected Release Date

The latest 2019 NSX Type R will be presented to the public at the beginning of 2019. The price of the 2019 Honda NSX Type R will be around $ 50,000.

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