2019 Honda Pilot Elite vs 2019 Honda Pilot Touring

The upcoming 2019 Honda Pilot will compete against the much stronger rivals from Ford or GM brands next year. On top of that, this 3-row crossover SUV needs to overrule Nissan Pathfinder or Mazda CX-9. For that reason, many of the carmakers are offering a solid base model with an average equipment, however, higher trim levels are premium. Honda is doing the same thing and the new Pilot model will come with five trim levels.

The two top-ranking trims are Touring and Elite and some of the stuff that they are offering are luxurious. So the question is which trim levels is better to choose from those two? We will try to provide you with the latest information and difference between the two models.

2019 Honda Pilot Elite

2019 Honda Pilot Elite vs 2019 Honda Pilot Touring exterior improvements

The exterior of the 2019 Honda Pilot slowly departs from the original design. The boxy styling is slowly vanishing and is replaced with a more modern look with some sleek lines. The overall look is much better than before and the upcoming model will see some significant improvements. That means more upscale features, especially on the Touring and Elite models.

However, when it comes to the exterior, these two models are exactly the same. Both Honda Pilot Touring and Pilot Elite are offering the same standard and optional features, the same front grille, wheels, bumpers, rear spoiler and much more. Furthermore, new Pilot comes with eight exterior paints which can be applied to any of the trim levels.

2019 Honda Pilot Elite touring2019 Honda Pilot seats

Interior difference between trims

The interior includes plenty of soft-touch surfaces, especially around the doors and the dashboard. Everything is nicely paired with comfortable and standard cloth seats. The seat layout is the first main difference between the two trim levels. While the Touring model offers 8 seats like the base model, the Elite model can fit seven passengers.

That means the Touring trim comes with three seats in the second and third row, while the Elite trim offers three seats only in the last row. However, the legroom is still the same for both models. On the other hand, headroom is slightly higher on the Elite version. Honda Sensing is standard, just like the same three interior colors.

2019 Honda Pilot Elite rear

Engine specification and transmission

The upcoming 2019 Honda Pilot offers a single drivetrain unit. It is a 3.5-liter V6 that creates 280 HP and 262 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. However, Touring and Elite models are offering a 9-speed transmission as standard. Touring model comes with a front-wheel drive configuration and Elite models will use an all-wheel-drive system as standard.

Fuel economy is the same and it is rated at 22 mpg combined. A traction-management system is standard on both models and it optimizes the FWD and AWD systems for tough terrains such as mud or snow. Eco mode is also in the offer and it improves a fuel economy.

2019 Honda Pilot touring rear


Overall, the 2019 Honda Pilot is a well-equipped crossover SUV. But in order to keep up the pace with more established rivals, Pilot offers two top-ranking trim levels with more luxurious and upscale amenities. The difference between the Honda Pilot Touring and Elite model is minor. They both are using the same engine and most of the stuff is exactly the same. The price for a Touring model is $42,000 while the Elite model is priced at $48,000. The main question is, is it worth to slap an additional $6,000 just to get an all-wheel-drive setup and some more interior features?

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