2019 Honda Prelude Rumors, Specs

The 2019 Honda Prelude is a sports coupe that comes with the two-door configuration. Prelude was very popular from 1978 until 2001. Since then, Honda wasn’t much interested in creating its successor. Now, almost two decades later the rumors are saying that the Honda Prelude will make its return in 2019. While we wait for more specific information, we will rely on good sources and try to deliver all of the important information.

A front-wheel drive will come as a standard and the Prelude coupe will arrive on a Honda’s latest architecture. Moreover, we expect some of the Honda’s engines and a stylish exterior.

2019 Honda Prelude front

2019 Honda Prelude exterior offers a sporty appearance

While the speculations are suggesting a coupe based on the Accord model, the 2019 Honda Prelude will gain a completely different appearance and overall look. Prelude will provide a uniqueness in a mix with some styling cues taken from other Honda’s models. On the other hand, Honda struggles to create a vehicle with great sporty appearance and it will be interesting to see the final product. You can expect slim and narrow headlights up front, with the more angular design and shapes.

This coupe sits lower than its predecessor and the cabin is slightly moved to the back. That is more than a unique design and something we don’t see much often. Specific exterior details are not available at the moment but expect sporty styling cues and features such as alloy wheels and more chrome accents.

2019 Honda Prelude interior

2019 Honda Prelude interior will get the same design as Honda Accord

The upcoming 2019 Honda Prelude will for sure share a lot of similarities with the Honda Accord when it comes to the interior. The dashboard will be exactly the same, just like the most of the high-tech features. On the other hand, this coupe should provide more premium materials and a different seating configuration.

The 2019 Prelude will offer four individual seats and a center console in the middle of them. A 7.0-inch display will make a production and it is standard. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are optional, just like the leather seats. The overall cabin look should be upscale, with a unique layout for the controls and AC vents.

2019 Honda Prelude engine

2019 Honda Prelude engine offers

Somewhat longer hood is there for a reason, as many of reliable sources are saying that the 2019 Honda Prelude will get a front mid-mounted drivetrain. That means the engine is placed behind the front axle which is often situation because it provides a better weight distribution. The base model will come with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit that can produce up to 200 HP.

A larger and optional 2.0-liter turbocharged unit is in the offer as well, and it is rated at 300 HP. Both engines are available with a 6-speed automatic transmission and the front-wheel-drive as a standard. An all-wheel-drive setup is available as a part of the optional equipment.

2019 Honda Prelude rear

2019 Honda Prelude price and release date

We don’t know the exact release date yet, however, the beginning of 2019 is the most likely date. The price is another mystery for now, as there is not a single clue about how much the 2019 Honda Prelude could cost.

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