2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R Review, Price

The new generation 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R will soon be available on the streets around the world. The new generation of the 2019 Ridgeline Type R looks very powerful and somewhat cosmic. Simply, everything “farts” on all sides and already at first glance it is clear that it is a special car.

The front part is very well done, with a functional hood on the hood, with expanded mudguards. What is interesting is positioned so visually that it does not restrict the view through the internal mirror. The new 2019 Ridgeline reaches a new level of the main features of the current model, such as performance, comfort and versatility, with a completely new styling.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R - front

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The new 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R will have several aerodynamic and cool features. It separates this vehicle from other Ridgeline and provides functional advantages. The upper part of this vehicle, bumper and grille share the design of the signs with the Civic Type R There are also included a three-part lower grid, a black upper mask and an iconic red badge Honda. The cover will have a cooling hook for the rear of the transverse V-6.

The new 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R has built-in aero bits. This includes a front bead, a diffuser behind the back, and side thresholds. Of course, what is characteristic is the red color of the R-type inclination that is found on aero pieces, wheels and, of course, badges, did not miss this time. The new Honda 2019 Ridgeline Tip R will come out with brand new and lightweight alloys. These alloys will be 19 to 20 inches to accommodate larger disc brakes.


The new 2019 Ridgeline Type R has a pretty nice interior. The space intended for travelers is spacious and nicely decorated. One of the better when it comes to medium-sized vehicles. The central console of the model has enough space for the manual gear knob without cutting into the cup holders. And since it is oriented towards the driver, positioning should be great.

The front seats of the latest model consist of suede, net and leather. Red safety belts give you a look. Like the Civic Type R, do not expect anything to change from the rear seats. It will get black skin with red contrast sewing. Ridgeline’s rear seats are impressively comfortable.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R - interior

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R – Powerful Engine and Performance

The new 2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R will launch a 3.5-liter V6 with direct injection as well as a new Pilot. This aluminum engine makes 280 hp at 6,000 rpm and 262 cubic feet of torque at 4,700 rpm. The gearbox is a six-speed automatic and a new nine-speed automatic, there will be a 4×4 drive, while the arrival on the market will be announced in the next two years.

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R - rear

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R -Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The starting price of the Honda Ridgeline Type R 2019 should also not exceed $ 50,000. The new Type R will be presented in 2018, most likely at the end of the current year.

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