2019 Honda S1000 Features, Price

The newcomer of the 2019 Honda S1000 is the real representative of the Japanese vehicle factory in the category of sports vehicles, which runs a powerful aggregate. This model will leave your breathless, sporty, powerful and powerful look without any doubt. According to the performance of its drive unit, this car goes alongside with its angry competitor who is the benchmark for this category of vehicle. Just a few years ago, many seemed to be unable to make a car in the “adventure” category. The product manager of such cars explained that the idea to make such a sports car after many years was put into practice.

2019 Honda S1000 - front

2019 Honda S1000 – A lot of New Features

The new 2019 S1000 is remarkable – and that’s exactly what it looks like. The synthesis of the sports and adventure models also combines the visual characteristics of each of these elements, making it a car of extremely impressive looks. The sporty form and the typical 2019 S1000 emphasizes his sporting pedigrees, while his characteristic form leaves breathless. Wherever the 2019 Honda S1000 appears, it will surely not leave anyone indifferent.

The adventurous sports car 2019 Honda S1000 is versatile in its nature, can be delivered with various accessories and accessories that perfectly meet the driver’s individual requirements. What’s more, dismantling equipment packages offer useful add-ons that can make the engine more dynamic. And more comfortable in order to better match individual preferences and driving modes.

The new Honda S1000 is equipped with a bunch of electronic. And we will only mention some of the most interesting systems. The new Honda S1000 has an anti-lock braking system. It has proprietary anti-lock braking software in the pro version, and there is a traction control system. The driver can choose between two different driving modes, the one for the rain and for dry driving.

As usual, the Japanese Honda kitchen perfectly mixed all its ingredients and created another great car. How fun and good in the run we can only assume. But we hope that in the future, we will have the opportunity to convey impressions from meeting with the 2019 Honda S1000.

2019 Honda S1000 - interior

2019 Honda S1000 – Main Power Production Unit

The previous generation of this vehicle – the Honda S1000 used its 1.0-liter 4-side gadget as its true source of energy. The engineer has come to the conclusion that it is not sustainable enough. So the next S1000 will be much more intense and that the engine will have a higher propulsion. The increase from the current 120 hp to 200 colts and the torque of 200 to 250 lb-ft. It will be able after 3.5-l i-VTEC V6 occurs in the S1000.

The transmission connected to the engine is robotized with 5 shifts. With the chance that a spicier frame will find its place in the upcoming calendar, a 6-speed transmission is more likely to happen there. There are still several discourses regarding the driving frame. And more likely that the drive on the front wheels will be used, unlike the RVD, while the AVD is discretionary. The total roadster speed is 130 km / h and its acceleration are about 9 seconds.

2019 Honda S1000 - rear

2019 Honda S1000 – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

There are still no official dates for the latest model release date. According to speculation, the price of the Honda S1000 2019 should not exceed $ 35,000.

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