2019 Honda Stream Design, Release Date

Opel Zafira and Renault Scenic are among the first to step into the segment of multi functional minivans, which is currently enjoying great popularity. In order to achieve success and good sales in this rapidly growing segment, Japanese Honda announced the market launch of its new 2019 Honda Stream, for the current year, claiming that the seven-seater Stream combines the versatility of the versatile vehicle and the practical usefulness of the vans with the comfort of a limousine and the agility of one coupe. The only thing that is not mentioned is the cabriolet openness and the sportiness of the sports car. But with open windows and the fully-pressed gas pedal, Honda would probably emphasize these attributes.

2019 Honda Stream - front

2019 Honda Stream – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

Design 2019 Honda Stream is brilliant and adapted to everyone’s taste. The Honda Stream 2019 design is sporty and elegant at the same time, as if in a limousine, it merged the best of Italian, English and Japanese designs. So that your heart can swing faster as soon as you see it. When you sit in perfectly profiled seats, you will enjoy in the perfect view of – the cockpit.

Although it is a Japanese car that does not belong to premium brands, such as Lexus or Infiniti, the selected materials are sophisticated, and impeccable finishing is what is meant by this brand for more than four decades.

Japanese designers have finally fancied and designed a truly different cockpit which, fortunately for conventional buyers, does not look too futuristic, like the cockpit of the current Civic, but it is still imaginative and different from the competition. Much is different from similar models of the D segment, because the whole Honda philosophy is turned by sports cars, not limos.


Despite the small height of 1.59 meters, the interior works generously spacious. The sense of spaciousness in the cabin most contributes to the level of the floor, because there is no middle tunnel or center console, as the gear shift lever moved to the dashboard. The seats are comfortable, but they provide a little lateral support. The third row of seats can be folded and lowered into the floor.

In this five-seater configuration, the volume of the trunk amounts to a modest 435 liters. However, the backrests in the second row can be knocked down. It gives the length of the luggage space of 2 meters. In addition, seat backrests in the first and second row can be turned into a bearing. The instrumentation is transparent and simple, and its orange lighting gives it at least a handful.

In comprehensive equipment, among others, there are two frontal and two side airbags, ABS with electronic brake force distribution, electric window lifters, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors with heater, as well as central locking with remote control.

2019 Honda Stream - interior

2019 Honda Stream – Modifications in the Engine

Under the engine cover will be able to find two four-cylinder engines. The weaker engine will have a displacement of 1.7-liters and a power of 125 hp (92 kW), while a stronger 2.0-liter liter engine with 156 hp (115 kW) will belong to the new i-VTEC generation with intelligent camshaft control, which results in has cleaner exhaust gases and a better torque distribution. The fuel economy of new 2019 Honda Stream will be 31 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

2019 Honda Stream - rear

2019 Honda Stream – When Will Hit the Showrooms?

To conclude, this 2019 Honda Stream has a 2.0 i-VTEC engine that is excellent, reliable, reliable and even economical enough. Very comfortable and pleasant for longer trips. Extremely well-adjusted suspension, and superb gearbox. Rich, complete serial equipment. Excellent safety and superior ergonomics. Impression maximum speed. Excellent acceleration (9.5 seconds to 100 km / h).

Original design, transparent instruments. Well-deployed commands. Big boot. Low vibration and noise levels up to 180 km / h. Good enough brakes, which are easily dosed, and difficult to overheat. Exceptional reliability and quality are also recommended for those customers who enjoy driving is not the primary one. The 2019 Honda Stream will be available at the end of the current year. The starting price of the 2019 Stream should not exceed $ 30,000.

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