2020 Honda Invisus Concept, Review

After the years of waiting on the Honda NSX model that finally arrived, Honda could make another car of the future. The 2020 Honda Invisus is one astonishing car and it really looks like a monster that is ready to hit the roads in the near future.

However, unlike the NSX, the Invisus model is not the idea of the company and its designers. To be more precise, it is a designing idea of the rendering artist Leonardo Nicole Moreira. He provided a crazy rendering idea of a future Honda’s supercar and the response is amazing. Honda Invisus is more like a “hypercar” and the idea is to produce a model that would go on sale in 2020. It should bring astonishing exterior design, sporty interior with high-end materials and of course, superb performance.2020 Honda Invisus

2020 Honda Invisus exterior looks stunning

According to Leonardo Moreira, he spends two months on rendering and the result is stunning. The 2020 Honda Invisus comes with a dramatic design that reminds us of the Aston Martin Vulcan model. The front end looks imposing, especially the front fascia and slim LED headlights. The air intakes are large and the rear is dominated by the rear diffuser and a big wing. In order to deliver the possible performance, Invisus suffers extreme carbon fiber work.

Moreover, plenty of lightweight materials will be in use and the car comes with a low ground clearance. As the rendering shows us, features like dark wheels, gullwing doors, and beautiful creases are all included.

2020 Honda Invisus interior

2020 Honda Invisus interior features and shapes are taken from the S2000

The cabin looks kinda unusual but attractive. A lot of cues were drawn from the Honda’s racecars. A three-spoke steering wheel looks very sporty and the cabin will also use a lot of carbon fiber materials. Most of the features and shapes are taken from the famous S2000 model. Seats are comfortable and the red contrast stitching dominates the interior. A central infotainment display is large and you can find a lot of buttons inside the 2020 Honda Invisus.

Moreover, Honda Motor Co. is a well-known Japanese company that makes aircraft, cruisers, and cars. On top of that, Honda makes astonishing supercars, so the interior is the real deal.

2020 Honda Invisus side

2020 Honda Invisus engine that produces around 1000 HP

The 2020 Honda Invisus will possess a very powerful engine. In order to compete with the Aston Martin Vulcan and Ferrari FXX K Honda will have to provide a powertrain that generates nearly 1,000 hp. Invisus should replace the famous Honda NSX and a V8 engine is a must for this model. If these things are about the happen, we could expect plenty of engine systems that should additionally boost the overall performance.

You can forget about the fuel economy with the Invisus model, after all, it is a hypercar that we are talking about. Loud noise is another thing that we can expect, however, the ride and transmission will be smooth, as on the all Honda’s racecars.

2020 Honda Invisus

2020 Honda Invisus price and production

First of all, the 2020 Honda Invisus is a designing idea. Yes, it would be nice to see this car on the roads, but at the moment, it sounds like another sci-fi story. It is a rendering of a Leonardo Moreira and the goal is to show how a Honda’s supercar could look like in 2020. If the Invisus make a production, we can expect a large price that is not affordable for everyday customers.

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