2020 Honda Sports EV Review, Price, Release Date

As we all know, Honda’s great EV plan is doing great things for the company. Japanese carmaker provides plenty of EV concepts and after bringing the Urban EV Concept, the 2020 Honda Sports EV is coming to the markets.

Sports EV model comes with the sleek exterior and numerous interior features. Moreover, this EV offers around 250 miles of range and the powerful performance.

2020 Honda Sports EV front

2020 Honda Sports EV exterior is beautifully crafted

What the concept shows us before, this car will come with a beautiful styling. That includes perfect roofline with the large roof. The rear end will for sure slightly depart from the original concept, square taillights won’t make a production for an instance. A pair of more traditional taillights will replace the original concept’s units and rear air vent will hard make a production.

The side profile will stay intact with the traditional door handles and side view mirrors. The rear pillars are larger and both rear and front fenders are looking muscular. The 2020 Honda Sports EV will ride on 19-inch wheels wrapped in the sports tires. Side-view cameras are available while the front end holds a beautiful styling cue. However, the deep hood’s design will see some changes and headlights will get LED technology.

2020 Honda Sports EV interior

2020 Honda Sports EV interior has plenty of passenger space

After the concept’s debut, it was clear as day that the 2020 Honda Sports EV will come with the similar interior to the Urban EV. However, this model will get some uniqueness and a sportier interior. There is plenty of passenger spaces which includes both headroom and legroom. Digital screen looks futuristic and is placed in front of the steering wheel.

This screen shows all of the important stuff such as speed, range or battery life. Another display provides some additional data like charging performances and g-forces. Navigation should come as standard, just like a rear-view monitor. The steering wheel is available with the flat bottom and the seats are flat and very supportive. Cargo area back there isn’t that generous, but on the other hand, this two-seater model can still fit some long items.

2020 Honda Sports EV seats

2020 Honda Sports EV engine details

Just like with the previous concepts, Japanese automaker refuses to provide any drivetrain information. There are some guesses and speculations in the engine department but we take all of them with a “pinch of salt”. As a sports car, the 2020 Honda Sports EV will provide great speed and driving manners. This model is a true all-electric performer that will arrive with an astonishing battery pack.

The driving range is rated at 250 miles which sounds amazing. Speaking of power, this car produces 310 hp and it offers a front-wheel drive as standard. An all-wheel-drive configuration is optional and it should be standard on higher ranged models. The 2020 Sports EV can reach from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds and the top speed is set around 140 mph.

2020 Honda Sports EV rear

2020 Honda Sports EV price and release date

The starting price of the 2020 Honda Sports EV starts at around $35,000 while the top-range model will for sure cost over $40,000. Type-R models are standard for Honda’s vehicles and this one could get its own Type-R as well. Honda’s newest model will go on sale in the first quarter of 2020.

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