Honda Civic 5DR Review, Price

As an Eastern brand, Honda has long been known for its excellent engines and reliability. The Honda Civic 5DR is popular because it’s a relatively low cost, affordable maintenance, sportiness, style and appearance make it an excellent ticket to the world of cars. In addition, this vehicle is an excellent means of transport for both family and elderly people who want a “loyal servant”.

Of course, another Honda are more than interesting, but we will still be here with the Honda Civic 5DR. One of the most successful and oldest Honda models is Honda Civic. Over time, the mentioned model has undergone many changes. As a result of valuable work and effort, the new Civic 5DR was created.

What covers the long-standing success of the Honda Civic model on the market? The answer is clear. The Honda company has always had a hearing for its consumers. Whether it’s comfort, safety, performance, luxury, economics or design, Honda has always honored and fulfilled the wishes of its customers. It is quite certain that the latest model will achieve great success.

Honda Civic 5DR - front

Honda Civic 5DR – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The latest Honda Civic 5DR mode is more intriguing than ever. This model has a very attractive and conventional design of the outer body. The model is designed to improve handling, pulling and accelerating. Influenced by the outward appearance of the new U are largely the aerodynamic factors of the Honda Civic 5DR. In addition, the model will be able to boast some of the modified functions on the outside body. It is certain that the general branding of the Civic brand has been held. It works fresh, differently, dynamically.


The interior of this model is abundant with a variety of instruments (CD player, digital climate, CD changer …) that are atypically positioned on a very different dashboard than we are accustomed to, but still quite transparent and functional, made of high quality materials. According to all this, we will be biased or just write in the superlative about Honda Civic 5DR, however one of the faults is certainly more expensive maintenance of the vehicle compared to the competition. Absolutely every new model manufactured by Honda is facing the needs of the market and is adapted to the changing modernism. The latest information and entertainment technology is embedded in the new Civic 5DR.

Honda Civic 5DR - interior

Honda Civic 5DR – Main Power Production Unit

The main advantage of this model is that it emerged at a time when there are very popular efficient models in the world with exceptional performance. That’s why we can assume that the latest 5DR will achieve great success. Fuel economy model of the new model will be 35 mpg in the city and 50 mpg on the highway. The biggest competition will be the following models Kia Forte, Ford Focus, Mazda 3.

Honda Civic 5DR - side

Honda Civic 5DR – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The new Honda Civic 5 door model should be presented to the public by the end of 2018 or at the beginning of 2019. No official data on the price of this new Honda model. There are speculations that the starting price could be around $ 19,000. To conclude, the new model, in many respects, is a very specific model and for which we can freely say that it has received various comments, but with its avant-garde appearance, it has not left anyone indifferent.

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