Honda CR-Z HPD Changes, Price

Spacious, beautifully designed, compact, excellent driving characteristics, economical and affordable … These are all features that best describe the latest Honda model – Honda CR-Z HPD. It is a new model with a new aggregate. It provides significantly higher power than its predecessor, with maximum power and torque. More power and shorter torque are available with increased fuel economy.

It is precisely power and economy that make this unit perfect.  The newest model will be presented at the beginning of the next year. It is quite certain that it will attract the attention of many Honda fans. Thanks to its high popularity, the famous car manufacturer decided to make the CR-Z HPD super-filling model that is better in terms of looks and performance.

Honda CR-Z HPD - front

Honda CR-Z HPD – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

The restored CR-Z model has all the qualities you expect from SUVs, such as spaciousness, comfort and power. Thanks to the advanced diesel engine, it is more affordable for driving. With a high level of aesthetics and sophistication of the interior environment, the Elegance or Lifestyle packages remain on the line of high quality ensuring a premium atmosphere during the ride. Behind the modern, dynamic design there is a whole range of advanced technologies that are in the service of passenger safety.

However, what should be especially emphasized is that one of the most attractive features of this model is the diazo point. So, Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires are a major attraction. Stickier, wider tires come with alloy coating. HPD diffuser improves the aerodynamics of this car. It is these characteristics that enable the latest model to have a very modern and sporty look.


The long-distance control system evaluates driving conditions in front of you and automatically switches between short and long lights. The character recognition system identifies traffic signs up to 100 m distance and transmits information to the driver via the i-MID screen as it passes. Two characters can be displayed at the same time. When the lines are detected on the road, and the car deviates from the current track without any indications, the system warns you through visual and audio alerts.

When reversing, this system detects vehicles that are in close proximity to on either side of the rear, warning the driver at a near risk. The warning appears on the i-MID display. The new Honda CR-Z HPD has several internal characteristics that are worth mentioning. Namely, towing gears have become easier and simpler to maneuver. The front brake HPD will give this hatchback a short and smooth rate.

Honda CR-Z HPD - interior

Honda CR-Z HPD – Powerful Engine and Performance

The powertrain of this hybrid consists of 4-cylinder in-line supercharged engine. With a 1497cc of displacement it will provide a 198 hp units at 6300 rpm. An estimated torque of 155 lb-ft at 5700 rpm is also on the cards. The fuel economy of Honda CR-Z HPD with this version of the engine is 31 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. When combined it may provide 34 mpg.

Honda CR-Z HPD - rear

Honda CR-Z HPD – Competition and Pricing

Finally, the competitors of Honda CR-Z HPD are Volkswagen GTI, Ford Fiesta ST, Alfa Romeo 4C, Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG and Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  The price of the new car will be around $ 40,000.

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